About Us

Integrative Therapeutics was founded in 2000 in an attempt to bring more personalized and comprehensive care to our community. Our guiding principle is”The Family Rule”:

Treat each client as you would have a member of your own family treated.

Too often, health care today is rushed, impersonal, and ineffective.  Every day, our clinicians prove that a “back to basics” approach to patient care leads to better, faster, and longer lasting results.

Integrative Therapeutics is clinician owned and operated, with Todd Forman, PT, Managing Partner, on site and treating clients daily.  We are properly licensed as a Massachusetts Physical Therapy Facility and a Therapeutic Massage Establishment. All clinicians are  licensed in the State of Massachusetts.

Good clinicians are happiest when they are able to treat patients the way they should be treated: with care, respect, and attention.  We all love coming to work every day, because at Integrative Therapeutics, we don’t work for an insurance company or a big corporation.  We work for you!